Introducing Matt Heuft: Evercloak’s new VP of Business Development

As initial pilot tests of Evercloak’s new cooling technology successfully wrap up, we’re getting ready to launch it commercially. Our latest hire — Dr. Matt Heuft — will lead that process.  

“I’m extremely pleased to welcome Matt to our team as our Vice President of Business Development,” says Evelyn Allen, Evercloak co-founder, and CEO. “He’s an entrepreneurial leader who understands technology and knows how to deliver business results. That makes him the perfect choice to help Evercloak move into the next phase of our evolution.” 

Matt has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, postdoc experience at Harvard University, and an impressive track record of developing and commercializing innovative technologies. Over the past 15+ years, he’s held increasingly senior positions in business development at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada — a hub of advanced materials research and development for Xerox and a host of external clients.

He’s also served as an Industry Liaison for the Canadian Society for Chemistry’s board of directors and as a technical advisor for Brampton’s Altitude Accelerator. As a result, Matt brings an extensive network of industry connections and expertise in fostering strategic partnerships, engaging with clients, generating revenues, and driving business growth. 

Matt also brings passion. “I love commercializing game-changing solutions. And that’s exactly what Evercloak has developed,” he says. 

He sees big opportunities to disrupt the HVAC sector with our 2D nanofilm membranes. Because the membranes remove moisture from the air before it is cooled, they make air conditioning radically more efficient. And improved efficiency is crucial, with climate change and rising income levels in developing countries expected to increase global demand for air conditioning three-fold by 2050. 

“This is a technology that can drive huge reductions in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions thereby helping address the global climate crisis,” he says. “I’m thrilled to help Evercloak become a leader in the cleantech space.” 

However, cooling and dehumidification are just the beginning. Our nanofilms promise to transform many other sectors as well, including antiviral coatings, fuel cells, and membranes for gas dehydration. 

Whatever the application, Matt is ready to help partners and clients unlock the benefits of Evercloak’s technology. “I’m looking forward to working with companies to discover what our revolutionary nanofilms can do for them,” says Matt, who joined the Evercloak team in October. “Let’s connect!”

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