Introducing Helen Papachronis: Evercloak’s new Chief Operating Officer

As Evercloak continues to accelerate its efforts in breakthrough technology that will drastically change our environmental impact worldwide, it is pleased to welcome Helen Papachronis, as its new Chief Operating Officer.  

“I’m extremely pleased to welcome Helen to our team as our new Chief Operating Officer,” says Evelyn Allen, Evercloak co-founder, and CEO. “Helen brings a wealth of experience as a global business leader with a proven track record of achieving top-line growth in various B2B markets. With her strong background in strategy and operations, she is the ideal choice to help Evercloak move into the next phase of our growth.” 

Helen has a B.Eng. in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from McGill University, and she recently completed the Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies program at Stanford University, and has an impressive track record of growing and establishing new business units, in areas such as e-Mobility, IoT, Supply Chain, Automation, Manufacturing, and Mining. Over the past 20+ years, she’s held increasingly senior positions in marketing, operations, and strategy within companies such as 3M, General Electric, TELUS Communications, Johnston Equipment, and Alectra. As a result, Helen brings expertise in establishing and growing businesses and scaling for growth. 

Helen’s passion also aligns with Evercloak’s mission: “Evercloak’s groundbreaking graphene membrane technology enables energy efficient HVAC solutions, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, bringing us closer to net-zero targets” she says. 

However, heating and cooling are just the beginning. Evercloak’s membrane technology has potential applications in chemical separations, faster-charging and more efficient batteries, flexible thin film solar cells, flexible electronics, and smart packaging – effectively accelerating decarbonization efforts.

“I’m looking forward to helping this revolutionary company showcase its energy efficiency technology, and accelerate its growth as a Canadian cleantech company,” says Helen. “With award-winning technology, a world-class team, and a purpose-led mission, I’m excited to help Evercloak disrupt the HVAC industry and unlock efficiencies that will positively impact the world for future generations.”

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