Game Changing

Patented & Energy Efficient

Thanks to our thin-film, game-changing manufacturing production technologies, Evercloak can manufacture large area, low-cost, high-performance nanocoatings, ranging from single atomic layers to hundreds of nanometers in thickness.

Our roll-to-roll coating process requires minimal energy and produces minimal waste, keeping costs low. It’s also very flexible. Evercloak can produce films using a variety of materials and “inks,” including graphene oxide, graphene, carbon nanotubes, hexagonal boron nitride, and other 2D nanomaterials. 

As a result, Evercloak can engineer high-performance films for a wide variety of applications, from dehumidifying membranes to coatings that kill the COVID-19 virus.



Controlling humidity effectively and economically

Traditional dehumidifiers waste a lot of electricity to cool air until the water vapor condenses out. Evercloak takes a far more energy-efficient approach.

Evercloak’s membrane creates perfect humidity levels for indoor comfort and for industrial processes at a fraction of the cost of conventional systems.

We’ve designed our membrane to be highly selective, letting water molecules pass through while keeping out the other components of air. Because the membrane is so thin, drawing water vapor through the nanopores takes very little energy. That keeps operating costs impressively low.

Droplets forming on glass

Making air conditioning radically more efficient

To create a cool environment, A/C systems don’t just have to lower the temperature of the air. They also have to remove water vapor, because water holds a lot of heat. Conventional units do that by cooling the vapor until it condenses — a process that requires a lot of energy.

Evercloak offers a better solution. We start by extracting water vapor using our high-performance dehumidification membrane. Then, we use conventional vapor compression to cool the air that remains. Because that air is dry, it requires far less energy.

Evercloak’s disruptive membrane technology cuts A/C energy requirements in half, making it a less expensive and greener way to cool commercial and residential buildings. And that’s going to become ever-more important as global warming, urbanization, and rising incomes in developing countries drive greater demand for air conditioning.

Emerging Applications

Evercloak’s future growth markets also include antiviral coatings, fuel cells, and battery separators, and membranes for gas dehydration.