Can we cool our homes without heating the planet? Some Canadian companies are working on finding ways

In Canada, Evercloak is spinning out nanotechnology research from the University of Waterloo to develop innovative ways to manufacture membranes that improve the efficiency of cooling units. Co-founder Evelyn Allen and her team are finessing the process of manufacturing graphene-based membranes that filter water from the air before it is cooled. These membranes — each one thinner than a strand of hair — are able to block air flow but let water vapour to move through. This means an air conditioner would require less energy and building owners could use a smaller unit to cool indoor spaces. Energy efficiency gains are significant, Allen says, and can see a reduction up to 78 per cent in energy expended in hot, humid regions. The venture is currently working with traditional AC manufacturers to commercialize this technology.

Evercloak’s been featured in a Toronto Star article. Check out the full article here ->

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